From 25/01/2024 to 23/02/2024


07:00 PM Task #4311 (Resolved): Develop a little code that for all cdfs in one dir, make a table summarizing their content and quicklook them
Works, but some cdfs trigger errors when plotting, need to investigate why Theo Stassen
06:57 PM Task #4310 (Resolved): Improve the GUI by adding a embedded window containing the print content
Theo Stassen
06:56 PM Task #4309 (Resolved): Find how to force the documentation to trigger error even for warnings
Theo Stassen
06:55 PM Task #4308 (Resolved): Change the way the datetimes are corrected
before we use timedelta to correct a utc problem, now no need for that, the time is correct Theo Stassen
06:54 PM Task #4307 (Resolved): Clean and simplify the config files
Theo Stassen
06:53 PM Task #4306 (Resolved): Improve and simplify some parameters calls and use
Theo Stassen
06:52 PM Task #4305 (Resolved): Creation of a table documenting all parameters that can be set by the user, with default value and location
Theo Stassen
06:51 PM Task #4287 (Resolved): Add of some modularisation in parameters
Theo Stassen


06:59 PM Task #4287 (Resolved): Add of some modularisation in parameters
Need to make a complete overview of the code to check if any parameters can be added to config by adding some
Theo Stassen
06:56 PM Task #4286 (Resolved): Update sphinx documentation for the new code organisation + modifications done when doing the pdf doc
Theo Stassen
06:55 PM Bug #4285 (Resolved): Bug with MMS files now that the code has been changed a lot
Theo Stassen
06:53 PM Task #4284 (Resolved): Modify the code to be coherent in physical units
Before the plotted spectrum was in nT^2/Hz, now there are in nT/sqrt(hz)
Doc updated to correspond, and to inform th...
Theo Stassen
06:51 PM Task #4283 (Resolved): Test the different SID, gather infos from the test, and cross infos with LFR manual
Theo Stassen
06:49 PM Task #4282 (Resolved): Create pdf user documentation (Three first iterations)
Describe the project, the inputs, parameters, outputs, plots, etc.
Theo Stassen

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