From 07/11/2023 to 06/12/2023


02:23 PM Task #4245 (Resolved): Change the code from pyenv environnement to poetry environment
Theo Stassen
02:20 PM Task #4244 (Resolved): Bug solving for spectrum computation problems
Theo Stassen
02:19 PM Task #4243 (Resolved): Documentation update, especially following the reorganisation of the python script use and the rework of the doc root
Theo Stassen
02:18 PM Task #4242 (Resolved): Documentation improvements following the professional training
Theo Stassen
02:17 PM Task #4241 (Resolved): Software exploration for documentation tools following the professional training.
Theo Stassen
02:17 PM Task #4240 (Resolved): Professional training about the distribution (and learn of automatisation tools) of python application
Theo Stassen
02:15 PM Task #4239 (Resolved): Improvements and bug resolve for temperature spectrum computing and plots
Theo Stassen


07:02 PM Bug #4237 (Resolved): Modify the evaluation part (creation of spectrum and densities, display, plot) + configuration to plot different cdf data (temp for ex)
After lot of technical problems, especially considering the differences in epochs with l1a (epochs not really constan... Theo Stassen
06:58 PM Feature #4236 (Resolved): Modify the data extraction method to allow the extract of completely different cdfs (temp for ex)
First step is the extract of data /epoch (which imply different parameters values to consider and extract during conf... Theo Stassen
06:56 PM Task #4235 (Resolved): Find the cdfs with temperature data in it and test to extract them
these cdfs are HK00064, the data field LWT0343A contains LF temp for ex Theo Stassen


06:51 PM Task #4230 (Resolved): Add a check if we don't find cdfs in the time limits and stop the execution
Theo Stassen
06:50 PM Task #4229 (Resolved): Update documentation for time/solo extract
Theo Stassen


07:01 PM Task #4228 (Resolved): Make the GUI a general tool, replacing the interact interface
Now the tkinter GUI can be used to select a time_limits or a single file, to select a SID, to select what content to ... Theo Stassen
06:57 PM Task #4227 (Resolved): Reorganisation of the python scripts for modularisation
by this reorg, the different scripts only_display, calibrate_an_display and the GUI use the same components (initiate... Theo Stassen
06:54 PM Task #4226 (Resolved): Advances in the comparison between Matlab and python results
Theo Stassen


06:54 PM Task #4223 (Resolved): Find the problem of difference between matlab and python code
The difference was a problem of antenna response (for the uncorrect slope), already resolved before,
and a multipli...
Theo Stassen
06:52 PM Bug #4222 (Resolved): Make the GUI able to select what we want to plot + put default times
Now the GUI can be used for any display or calibrate and display we want Theo Stassen
06:50 PM Task #4221 (Resolved): Create a GUI for selection of a range of time to plot
Create a little tkinter app that allow us to select start and end date and validate to do a quicklook of the correspo... Theo Stassen


06:38 PM Task #4218 (Resolved): Make all the python and sh scripts using freely multiple or solo extract method
-Had to to adapt the cdfs handler and it use by other functions to work
-correct the output url gestion
-test all t...
Theo Stassen

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