From 28/09/2023 to 27/10/2023


05:44 PM Task #4208 (Resolved): First version of a "time extract" method
First version of a "time extract" method, where you do not specify what file you want to open but a time interval. Wo... Theo Stassen
05:43 PM Support #4207 (Resolved): New tries concerning the differences between python and matlab results
Theo Stassen
05:42 PM Task #4206 (Resolved): Documentation complete add and upgrade
Lot of documentation was needed, especially since the complete reorganisation of the evaluation part.
Add a lot of ...
Theo Stassen


04:50 PM Support #4197 (Resolved): Research with laurent about the difference of code results and experimentations
Theo Stassen
04:48 PM Task #4196 (Resolved): Create script for documentation generation (cleaning/creation/show)
Create '' script, which automatically install requirements, clean all existing doc, create ... Theo Stassen
04:45 PM Bug #4195 (Resolved): Documentation debugging
Lot of warnings in documentation, as a lot of files has been added since last clean doc Theo Stassen
04:44 PM Task #4193 (Resolved): register all remaining taks written these last month in a summarry document
Theo Stassen
04:42 PM Task #4193 (Resolved): register all remaining taks written these last month in a summarry document
Theo Stassen
04:43 PM Bug #4194 (Resolved): Debug/resolution of some little remaining tasks registered
Theo Stassen


06:56 PM Task #4191 (Resolved): Make the script able to specify freely custom values of any parameters
Theo Stassen
06:55 PM Task #4190 (Resolved): Make all the variables of input cdf be in output cdf
before now, only data and epoch was transmitted Theo Stassen


06:16 PM Bug #4188 (In Progress): The problem with JUICE results is not resolved
Theo Stassen
06:15 PM Task #4187 (Resolved): Code Analysis / Investigation / Tests / Experiments in order to have same spectra densities results than matlab code
This week has occupied by the comparison between the results (in terms of spectra densities) between current python c... Theo Stassen


06:52 PM Bug #4184 (Resolved): Start the rework of documentation
Now that a lot of code parts has been changed/reorganised, need a lot of documentation improvements.
Put in pause wh...
Theo Stassen
06:50 PM Bug #4183 (Resolved): Reorganise and document the display data part
This part was not documented and needed improvements + modularisation Theo Stassen
06:48 PM Bug #4182 (Resolved): Lot of new sh and python scripts added, around calibration and display data
Theo Stassen
06:47 PM Task #4181 (Resolved): Code reorganisation to have scripts separately + debuging
Theo Stassen
06:45 PM Task #4180 (Resolved): JUICE quicklook analysis
Analysis of Juice quicklooks and comparison with maltlab code results Theo Stassen
06:44 PM Task #4179 (Resolved): Juice files first calibration
Make a lot of improvement in order to allow a first calibration (and display of results) of juice files calibration (... Theo Stassen

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