From 26/01/2023 to 24/02/2023


05:50 PM Task #4032 (Resolved): Antenna response function
Theo Stassen
05:49 PM Task #4041 (Resolved): Unit test Antenna filter
Theo Stassen
05:48 PM Task #4040 (Resolved): Unit test DFB
Theo Stassen
05:46 PM Task #4039 (Resolved): Unit test Bessel filter
Theo Stassen
05:44 PM Task #4038 (Resolved): Discover units test python methods and Create Unit tests of the kernel
Theo Stassen
05:42 PM Task #4037 (Resolved): Bandpass filter
Theo Stassen


11:43 AM Task #4032: Antenna response function
Only need unit testing Theo Stassen


05:38 PM Task #4031 (Resolved): DFB filter
Theo Stassen


05:03 PM Task #4033 (Resolved): Fourier transform (and inverse transform) function
Create the FFT function and inverse FFT function (after the complex response obtained by the kernel) Theo Stassen
04:59 PM Task #4032 (Resolved): Antenna response function
Create function that compote the response of the antenna, using interpolation of reference table values.
See what me...
Theo Stassen
04:58 PM Task #4031 (Resolved): DFB filter
Create the DFB filter function (see IDL version) Theo Stassen
04:57 PM Task #4030 (Resolved): Bessel filter
Create the bessel filter function (see IDL version) Theo Stassen
04:53 PM Task #4029 (In Progress): Extract and export cdf file
Get a code in python that extract a cdf file to xarray, get data/metadata from xarray, possibly modify data, and expo... Theo Stassen
04:49 PM Task #4028 (Resolved): Create Kernel in python
Create different function for the different components of the kernel, in python.
At the end, we need to have python ...
Theo Stassen


10:42 AM Task #4024 (New): Première version calibration python
Theo Stassen

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