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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
86 Bug Closed Normal Rejet de TC_LFR_LOAD_SBMx_PAR en SBMy (x<>y) bruno katra 10/06/2014 12:47 PM Actions
85 Bug Closed Immediate TC_LFR_LOAD_NORMAL_PAR: SY_LFR_N_ASM_P, SY_LFR_N_BP_P0 et , SY_LFR_N_BP_P1 = 0 acceptés bruno katra 17/06/2014 12:18 PM Actions
82 Bug Closed Low Pas de control sur SY_LFR_N_SWP_P de TC_LFR_LOAD_NORMAL_PAR bruno katra 11/06/2014 05:11 PM Actions
78 Bug Closed Normal Pb de TM_LFR_TC_EXE_CORRUPTED sur TC_LFR_UPDATE_INFO/TC_LFR_UPDATE_TIME corrompus bruno katra 19/06/2014 12:56 PM Actions
77 Bug Closed Normal Reset HW met à 0 le bit MSB du temps interne (qui représente la synchronisation avec un "time code") bruno katra 13/06/2014 05:32 PM Actions
74 Bug Closed Normal Périodicité de TM_LFR_SCIENCE_BURST_CWF_F2 hors tolérance. bruno katra 16/06/2014 05:22 PM Actions
73 Bug Closed Normal Par défaut, l'envoi de TM_LFR_SCIENCE_NORMAL_CWF_LONG_F3 est privilégié devant TM_LFR_SCIENCE_NORMAL_CWF_F3 (valeur par défaut de SY_LFR_N_CWF_LONG_F3). bruno katra 17/06/2014 04:00 PM Actions
72 Bug Closed Low Perte de périodicité sur ultime TM_LFR_SCIENCE_SBM2_CWF_F2 bruno katra 22/06/2018 05:16 PM Actions
68 Bug Closed Normal Initialisation de l'heure interne du LFR: pb avec le MSB bruno katra 16/06/2014 03:48 PM Actions
65 Bug Closed Immediate TC_LFR_LOAD_NORMAL_PAR: pas de vérif sur SY_LFR_N_ASM_P, S_LFR_N_BP_P0, SY_LFR_N_BP_P1. bruno katra 13/06/2014 04:06 PM Actions
63 Bug Closed Normal TC_LFR_ENABLE_CALIBRATION et TC_LFR_DISABLE_CALIBRATION provoquent TM_LFR_TC_EXE_NOT_EXECUTABLE en STANDBY bruno katra 09/06/2015 01:42 PM Actions
59 Bug Closed Normal TC_LFR_DISABLE_CALIBRATION à implémenter bruno katra 10/06/2015 10:10 AM Actions
56 Bug Closed Normal TC_LFR_ENABLE_CALIBRATION à implémenter bruno katra 10/06/2015 10:13 AM Actions
34 Bug Closed Normal Problème fine time des formats CUC. bruno katra 14/03/2014 05:27 PM Actions
96 Bug Rejected Normal DMA latency to access External memory Jean-Christophe Pellion 02/12/2016 01:10 PM Actions
234 Bug Closed Normal Problème sur la forme d'onde ("écrêtage" vers 1.5 V d'amplitudes) Jean-Christophe Pellion 02/10/2014 09:26 AM Actions
93 Bug Closed Normal versionner les fichiers vhdlib.txt, vhdsim.txt Jean-Christophe Pellion 07/01/2015 02:43 PM Actions
6 Bug Closed Normal écriture des données snapshot f0 f1 f2 erronée Jean-Christophe Pellion 25/02/2014 02:16 PM Actions
5 Bug Closed Normal IRQ from WaveFormPicker Jean-Christophe Pellion 19/11/2013 09:42 AM Actions
2079 Bug Closed Normal crash on duplicating and renaming a variable Nicolas Aunai 14/02/2019 10:28 AM Actions
894 Bug Closed Normal Date selection ergonomy could be improved Nicolas Aunai 14/02/2019 10:28 AM Actions
893 Bug Closed Normal date selection widget layout almost broken Nicolas Aunai 14/02/2019 10:28 AM Actions
740 Bug Closed Normal OpenGL series remanence after disabling OpenGL on a plot Nicolas Aunai 14/02/2019 10:28 AM Actions
709 Bug Closed Normal Plot Legend is no longer displayed Nicolas Aunai 14/02/2019 10:28 AM Actions
679 Bug Closed Normal difficulties testing filedownloader Nicolas Aunai 14/02/2019 10:28 AM Actions
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