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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2214 Task New Normal Diff de catalogue 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
4261 Task Resolved Normal Discover of pytest and add to pre commit hooks Theo Stassen 12/01/2024 06:46 PM Actions
4038 Task Resolved Normal Discover units test python methods and Create Unit tests of the kernel Theo Stassen 15/03/2023 12:48 PM Actions
4257 Task Resolved Normal Discovering of the Ruff linter and formatter+ experiments Theo Stassen 09/01/2024 06:38 PM Actions
4206 Task Resolved Normal Documentation complete add and upgrade Theo Stassen 27/10/2023 05:43 PM Actions
4242 Task Resolved Normal Documentation improvements following the professional training Theo Stassen 06/12/2023 02:18 PM Actions
16 Task In Progress Normal Documentation système du module Spectral Matrices" Jean-Christophe Pellion 10/02/2015 04:28 PM Actions
4243 Task Resolved Normal Documentation update, especially following the reorganisation of the python script use and the rework of the doc root Theo Stassen 06/12/2023 02:19 PM Actions
3998 Task New High Documenter le code MMS/SCM avec IDLdoc Laurent Mirioni 04/01/2023 12:04 PM Actions
2048 Task New Normal Drag and Drop 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
2222 Task New Normal Drop d'évènements dans la visu 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
2165 Task New Normal Drop de produits dans la visu 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
1340 Task New Immediate Edition par drag-and-drop d'un intervalle de temps d'un catalogue 14/02/2019 10:16 AM Actions
3814 Task New High Electronics BBM 30/05/2021 04:53 PM Actions
2487 Task New Normal Exporter un DB via menu contextuelle du nœud DB 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
4029 Task In Progress Normal Extract and export cdf file Theo Stassen 15/02/2023 04:54 PM Actions
3897 Task In Progress Low Faire un test avec les matrices de chgt de repère/calibration mises à 1 et 0 pour reproduire le comportement du FSW <= bruno katra 06/10/2022 11:13 AM Actions
2057 Task New Normal feedback debug GUI catalog 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
2054 Task New Normal feedback/debug spectro 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
126 Task New Normal Fill the feature page Alexis Jeandet 23/04/2014 08:42 AM Actions
2494 Task New Normal Filtre les évènements 14/02/2019 09:59 AM Actions
4309 Task Resolved Normal Find how to force the documentation to trigger error even for warnings Theo Stassen 23/02/2024 06:56 PM Actions
4159 Task Resolved Normal Find proper solution for zoom / move of data Theo Stassen 31/08/2023 06:28 PM Actions
4158 Task Resolved Normal Find proper tools and solutions fo allow data refresh in quicklook Theo Stassen 31/08/2023 06:24 PM Actions
4235 Task Resolved Normal Find the cdfs with temperature data in it and test to extract them Theo Stassen 28/11/2023 06:56 PM Actions
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