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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
516 Task Closed Normal SEQUENCE_CNT for TM_LFR_PARAMETER_DUMP and TM_LFR_KCOEFFICIENTS_DUMP Veronique bouzid 05/10/2015 10:58 AM Actions
631 Task Closed Normal Transforme fichier Synth.txt en log_data Veronique bouzid 19/02/2016 08:20 AM Actions
398 Task New Normal Utilisez le script sur les tests de Gerald Veronique bouzid 25/05/2015 11:08 AM Actions
613 Task Closed Normal Validation SWF 22s Veronique bouzid 09/03/2016 01:53 PM Actions
517 Task Closed Normal Vérification des températures Veronique bouzid 21/10/2015 08:26 AM Actions
3785 Task New Normal Installer et tester la chaîne de compilation Tristan DAPOIGNY 28/02/2021 08:36 PM Actions
3781 Task Closed Normal Installer/Configurer Raspbian Jessie Tristan DAPOIGNY 28/02/2021 08:21 PM Actions
3786 Task New Normal réalisation du programme 1D Tristan DAPOIGNY 28/02/2021 08:38 PM Actions
3784 Task New Normal Réaliser les connexions/les soudures/les câbles Tristan DAPOIGNY 28/02/2021 08:32 PM Actions
3783 Task New Normal Tester les sorties GPIO avec 2 leds connectés Tristan DAPOIGNY 28/02/2021 08:30 PM Actions
597 Task Closed Urgent thomas chust 18/02/2016 01:07 PM Actions
614 Task Closed Normal thomas chust 02/03/2016 02:47 PM Actions
4036 Task Closed Normal Datapack FSW 3.3 : mises à jour CPS thomas chust 11/05/2023 12:58 PM Actions
4017 Task Closed Normal Datapack FSW 3.3 : mises à jour SPEC LFR thomas chust 11/05/2023 10:30 AM Actions
624 Task Closed Normal Long test with SBM1 and SBM2 FSW thomas chust 01/04/2019 11:39 AM Actions
615 Task Stalled Normal Validation SWF 22s pour thomas chust 22/03/2021 12:09 PM Actions
4172 Task Resolved Normal Adapt the calibration / evaluation code to allow JUICE files Theo Stassen 18/09/2023 02:07 PM Actions
4117 Task Resolved Normal Adapt the code to have correct visual reprentation of SHCB results Theo Stassen 15/06/2023 06:33 PM Actions
4116 Task Resolved Normal Adapt the code to use SCHB mode Theo Stassen 15/06/2023 06:30 PM Actions
4133 Task Resolved Normal Adapt the matlab code for cdf data extraction (JUICE sid7) Theo Stassen 10/07/2023 04:46 PM Actions
4230 Task Resolved Normal Add a check if we don't find cdfs in the time limits and stop the execution Theo Stassen 21/11/2023 06:51 PM Actions
4171 Task Resolved Normal Add buttons to change the content struct Theo Stassen 18/09/2023 02:02 PM Actions
4120 Task Resolved Normal Add documentation on all code parameters Theo Stassen 19/06/2023 05:45 PM Actions
4112 Task Resolved Normal Add freq samp deducing function in deduce parameters Theo Stassen 09/06/2023 06:41 PM Actions
4149 Task Resolved Normal Add systematical logs for each steps (with error excepts, errors, warnings, infos) in calibration part Theo Stassen 21/07/2023 06:51 PM Actions
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