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A product backlog includes PBIs (Product Backlog Items). Typically they represent user stories, bugs, technical debts... Under Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin you can configure which issue trackers are considered PBIs.

PBIs are listed in a sorted queue, where the top of the queue contains the PBIs that are going to be implemented by the team first.

A lot of the described features are enabled only with permissions, so take a look to Administration » Roles & permissions » Permissions report to enable/disable permissions for each role.

Working with PBIs

PBIs can be created in this board using the links at the begin of the board (if you want to create PBIs at the top of the queue) or at the end of the board (if you want to create PBIs at the bottom of the queue).

Once you have PBIs on the product backlog, you can dragged in vertical to change their order (so the team will start with the ones before). You can also move them to the top/bottom of the queue using move to top icon and move to bottom icon.

In the PBI post-it you will see its attributes (to enable more/less attributes take a look to Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin). You can edit them clicking on the pencil icon.

PBIs are estimated in story points (SPs), you can edit directly this value clicking on the SPs value and typing a new value (then press ENTER or TAB). If remaining story points is enabled (under Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin) then you will see that field also in the post-it, it's also editable.

Product backlog on multi-project teams

If you have several projects under the Scrum team project, and you assign PBIs & tasks to those child projects (they should also have Scrum module enabled), then the product backlog could be filtered by subproject. If you filter the product backlog, sorting PBIs will not be permitted.

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